Clearing Up Misinformation

The Board views its public education program as critical to making sure that residents of MUD 26 have correct, factual information available. This is especially important when misinformation is spread through social media by persons not on the board of directors, or is mentioned during public commentary during district board meetings.

This post provides residents of MUD 26 accurate information vetted by consultants employed by the board to ensure accurate, complete information.

1) The MUD’s purpose under Chapter 54 of the Texas Water Code is to finance public water, sewer, and drainage projects. Recently, a current project was termed “corporate welfare.”

The MUD does not, and cannot, provide grants or assistance to corporate entities. Most importantly, MUDs cannot pick and choose which public projects to finance. The MUD is required to finance all public water, sewer, and/or drainage projects and has no zoning or other development regulatory power. That power belongs with the City of Pearland.

Building and financing public water, sewer and drainage lines is the reason the MUD exists.

2) The MUD does not operate, nor does it maintain, your water and sewer facilities. This is the job and role of the City of Pearland. All customers in MUD 26 receive water and sewer services from the City of Pearland. The MUD finances the cost of the lines and capacity for water and sewer service to MUD property owners from the City of Pearland.

We have had, and will continue to have, sufficient capacity to the serve all of the MUD 26 property.

While the majority of our articles will highlight events of the MUD, occasionally we will need to clarify public comments or correct erroneous misinformation in social media posted by others with limited knowledge of district facts. Please share this post and comment below with any questions concerning anything that is unclear to you.

Update: Odor Control Plan

Below is an update report from City of Pearland Councilman Trent Perez who is on the TCEQ Municipal Solid Waste Management and Resource Recovery Advisory Council. The revised odor control plan is the 3rd revised plan the Blue Ridge Landfill has submitted in connection with its Agreed Order from the TCEQ for its permit violations. Your Boards of Brazoria County MUD 26 and BFBMUD 1 will continue to post updates as we receive them:

TCEQ received the revised odor control plan from BRL late afternoon on Thursday, March 8. TCEQ staff are currently reviewing the revised plan. They anticipate to provide a response to BRL by middle of next week on whether the plan will be approved as-is or require additional revision. Once the plan is approved, then implementation will begin per the effective enforcement order. Also, once the plan is approved by TCEQ, the enforcement order requires BRL to submit a permit modification application to the TCEQ within 60 days to incorporate the odor control plan into the Site Operating Plan of their MSW permit.

MUD 26 – Lamping Project

Your Brazoria County Municipal Water District 26 is responsible for financing critical areas of infrastructure inside our neighborhood. An important piece that we finance and then turn over to the City of Pearland to operate is the storm sewer system. During Hurricane Harvey, the storm sewers financed by MUD 26 were able to handle an unprecedented amount of rainfall. The amount of rainfall and the potential for destructive items to enter the systems can cause problems that cannot be seen from the street or via simple optical inspection. MUD 26 has hired Camino Services to “go underground” and detect problem areas. This preventative maintenance project is commonly referred as “lamping.”

The district’s engineer, LJA Engineering, assigns key locations to be reviewed; then Camino Services creates high-resolution digital media of the storm sewer system locations.  These images, reviewed by both parties, are used to determine if damage has occurred.

If you notice areas of slow drainage, please notify us through the “Contact us” page on this website.

Our website also contains meeting minutes that provide additional information and the discussions of the board members and consultants. Brazoria County MUD 26 meets the first Tuesday of every month at 11:00 a.m. in Greenway Plaza area.  Come take a work break and have lunch with us. All residents are invited to attend.