Blue Ridge Landfill

The Shadow Creek Ranch MUDs sent a Board Director from each MUD to Austin on July 7 to speak to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (“TCEQ”) during a hearing to approve an Order issued to Blue Ridge Landfill (BRL) to reduce odors coming from the landfill. MUD Directors were joined by City of Pearland representatives and State Representative Ed Thompson to speak on behalf of residents’ desire for a swift and satisfactory resolution. The City also has filed a lawsuit against BRL.

You may track the status of the Order by visiting the TCEQ’s home page at the link provided below then click “View Pending Matters and File Documents” then click “Track the status” and type in the TCEQ Docket Number: 2016-1923-AIR-E

TCEQ Website

Please click on the following link to review the Order issued by the TCEQ:

Agreed Order

Further information regarding Blue Ridge Landfill can be found at the following City of Pearland link:

Blue Ridge Landfill

Did You Know?

  1. Did you know the two Shadow Creek Ranch MUDs account for over 19% of the total taxable property in the City of Pearland for the 2016 tax year?
  2. Did you know that Shadow Creek Ranch resident Derrick Reed won election to Pearland City Council in 2015 and was appointed Mayor Pro Tem in 2017?
  3. Did you know that the first phase only of the first public park in Shadow Creek Ranch owned and operated by the City of Pearland is finished? The MUDs paid for the public water, sewer, and drainage facilities serving the Sports Park and the City started Phase 2 of the Park with approximately $1.3 million more to construct facilities.
  4. Did you know the two Shadow Creek Ranch MUDs pay extra to have 13 off duty city police officers do extra patrol in Shadow Creek Ranch?  Did you know the MUDs voted to pay for some detention ponds repairs that Shadow Creek Ranch Maintenance Association (SCRMA) would have paid so that SCRMA could install, pay for, and operate security cameras at our major entrances so we can help the police catch criminals in our neighborhood? Did you know SCRMA has worked with the security patrol officers to provide access to the cameras and video feed?
  5. Did you know that annually by March 31, each MUD must file a report regarding its financial health? Did you know that reports are available to the public on EMMA, the Electronic Municipal Market Access website, at